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Evolution Freeride

Kiteboarding is a dynamic sport that can be practiced with various wind and water conditions, and in a diverse range of locations around the world. Providing you have the appropriate skill level, you can kiteboard in strong or light winds, and in waves as well as flat water. This handbook is the necessary companion for any beginner or intermediate kiteboarder looking to become a safe, independent rider. It comprises explanations and exercises that will help you to learn proper kiteboarding practices and techniques, outlining what should and should not be done every step of the way throughout the learning process. It also includes useful tips on understanding the wind and choosing the right kiteboarding location and equipment, as well as a complete list of kiteboarding terminology. At the end of each IKO Level, you will find a short quiz based on the material from that level. Your IKO Instructor will verify and correct the exercises once you have completed them, or you can correct them yourself by checking the answers at the end of the book.



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