kite trips 

kite lessons

kite rental  


Travelling with KitePack is a unique experience. It is relaxed, yet active, different and well organized. It is just as it should be and as you want and expect from us. Without exception. We strive for quality and customer satisfaction and are committed to fresh ideas and an active way of life. This enables us to offer you a different and unique story. Your and our common story. That's why you will come as a customer and leave as a friend. Pack Up & Go Kite

small groups 


 We travel in small groups thereby ensuring a friendly and genuine atmosphere on your holiday.  


individual kite trips


We are organizing individual kite trips to a destination and period you choose.   

individual approach


 To us you are not just a client but a friend with personal wishes and expectations. 


representative present


Our representative, who is always with you, takes care of all the little things on your holiday. 

"all inclusive" 


 We organise everything you need for a carefree holiday-accommodation, flights, transfers,...  


we travel all year long 


To various destinations around the globe. Our travel dates adapt to your needs and not vice versa. 


KITEPACK'S destination


As we travel the whole year round, we may always be found at one of our destinations. On some for a few months, while on others only for a week or two. Years of experience, detailed knowledge of our carefully selected destinations and local partners enable us to offer you only the very best. Check out our destinations and select your next one. 



KITEPACK's kitesurfing school 


Learning to kiteboard is only the first step with which we help you with our knowledge, rich experience, innovative ways of learning and a professional approach. We will lead you towards an endless sense of freedom, wind in your hair and a smile on your face. Choose your kiteboarding course to suit your needs. More about KitePack's kitesurfing school.

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